All hope abandon, ye who enter here… because nuno’ni is not an ordinary brand. We play with form, colour space, act in an original way and we don’t take design seriously. We want to surprise you with new shapes and the attitude to seemingly regular things. Do we have your curiosity?



The combination of social sphere and great design? For Nuno’ni these are not just empty words. We do not want to get involved in the projects only by ourselves. We have invited to work many talented artists, no matter what field of art they have been engaged in. At one time, Nuno’ni pots fell into the hands of painters, who painted them and passed in at auction organized for homeless animals. At another time, social activists called for restoration of the greenery in the cities with the help of GIANTO planted with the trees, which migrated through the largest city streets. Therefore, the faces of our brand became young amazingly talented dancers. We like using the language of art to speak out about important matters. The functional things may attend to art and the other way round – don’t believe it? Click here....

The inside is all that counts! What is yours like?

The E27 thread

E27 thread allows for using of different types of light bulbs. You can pick an eco friendly light bulb or RGB light bulb regulated by a remote control.


By using LED lighting with RGB light you’ll create fantastic light illuminations regulating their colour and intensity by a remote control.

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Light pots

Standing lamps

Hanging lamps



Nuno’ni. Just be creative.

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