RGB E27 Module

Connect lamps and flower pots to Wi-Fi and control them from your tablet or mobile phone.
Control the brightness
Control the speed
Control the frequency

64 000 colors

Illumination in thousands of different tones and shades.


90% less power

Care about your environment and save the power consumption

50 000 hours/ 2080 days/6 years

…of constant lighting.

This lamp can pulsate in the rhythm of your life! You may easily adjust the frequency and the temperature of light (warm or cold). It brings you thousands of great possibilities!

The secret lies in the RGB module and the LED light bulb. This small diode is really bright and efficient – it can work even for 50 000 hours. Besides, we have no doubts that you will find your favourite one among these 64 000 colours and shades!

Captive power!

There are two power supplies for you to choose. The first is the classic one – the E27 thread with a cable. This kind of solution is perfect for those who do not rearrange decorations so often.

One of the greatest advantages of lamps with the E27 thread is the self-sufficiency of the battery. You don’t have to worry about your battery life because the lamp will be on as long as it is connected to the power.

The RGB module can emit thousands of colours depending on your mood. You can easily regulate the colour with the help of your mobile phone or any other device connected to Wi-Fi.

RGB Module

A slow change of light
A fast change of light
Choice of colours
Brightness and speed control depending on the module

8 hours of light

The power of the RGB module gives you 8 hours of light.

4 hours of recharging

It takes only 4 hours to recharge the battery and it will work twice as long.

8 fixed colors

You get the possibility of illumination in 8 colours.


Wherever you want

RGB lighting is beneficial for you and the environment. Thanks to the battery and the remote control you can put the lamp anywhere you like and control it even from the distance of 15 meters.

90% less power

The RGB module is extremely economical. Thanks to the LED technology it uses 90% less power remaining as bright as always.

Let there be light!

Another type of lighting is the built-in, wireless RGB module. You get mobile lamps, which gives you no limits in decorating your own space.

4 hours of recharging gives you 8 hours of constant lighting. With the help of a user-friendly remote control you can adjust the colour and the frequency of the light from the distance of 15 meters.

What is comfortable is the use of a lamp. Only one small diode and a battery prevent you from worrying about the bulb change or the constant access to power. Cleaning is also very easy – just use a soap-soaked cloth.

RGB Module

Connect lamps and flower pots to Wi-Fi and control them from your tablet or mobile phone.

12 hours of light

Wherever you are, enjoy the lighting for over 12 hours.

6 hours of recharging

The battery needs only 6 hours to be fully recharged.

Increase the frequency
Decrease the frequency

Easy go, easy control

Are you already a happy owner of the Nuno’ni lamp? Or are you still considering the purchase? Find out more about the RGB module which will make your decision easier.

You’ve got two possibilities: control the lamp with your mobile phone or tablet – to do that you just need a Wi-Fi and a special application. The comfortable and easy in use remote control will allow you to control the colour and dynamics of lighting even from the distance of 300 meters.

Forget all the annoying cables and wires and appreciate the charge battery – only 6 hours of recharging necessary to benefit from 12 hours of continuous work of your lamp or flower pot.